It is said that we “pay for the weather” in Southern California, but it is worth every extra dollar we pay in inflated cost-of-living.  Under a clear blue sky and brightly shining sun, with spring flowers blooming everywhere, I packed the dogs in the car and drove to Old Town Seal Beach for some “Lawn-Jacking”.

Seal Beach, CA is a quaint town that has not succumbed to the overgrown commercialism of big box stores and real estate development.  It is filled with numerous mom and pop businesses, great restaurants, and is a strong, family-friendly community.  I just love it!  You might be asking at this point “what is lawn-jacking?”  Well, it is the practice of using someone else’s flower garden as your photographic background for the purpose of passing it off as your own.

I love a well-groomed yard and can become mesmerized by a beautiful garden, but what I love most is seeing my dogs in pictures with this type of beautiful backdrop.

We started with our usual stroll down Main Street.  I checked out shops while Henry {my little Japanese Chin} checked out (marked) every vertical structure while Sasha {Hointer}, checked out every scent, searching eagerly for food remnants and residue.  We always make our turn at Ocean Drive, which runs parallel to the beach.  It is there that we enjoy the sound of crashing waves, the smell of sea air — this is where the pups express pure pliss – wide doggie smiles and spirited trotting, enjoying everyone and everything they encounter.

The best part comes when we turn down Electric Ave.  This is where the “Lawn-jacking” typically takes place.  Oh, the choices. Today, my dogs selected the perfect yard for the perfect picture.  I don’t know if it was the perfectly manicured grass inviting Henry to cool off by rolling around, or if it was the scents which enticed Sasha to tromp across a flower bed towards a tree.  Either way, when I looked up I knew this yard was about to get lawn-jacked.

I put the dogs into their “Down” and “Stay” position and I was able to get the best “first shot of spring”.

lawn jacking

Lawn-jack complete – mission accomplished.  Send to friends, post to FaceBook, take credit for a great lawn!   I don’t know if National Geographic or even “Good Housekeeping” will buy off on it, but I think it is the perfect picture.