Having engaging toys that occupy and challenge a puppy is very very important- especially when you need to take a shower, get some work done, or redirect undesirable behavior. Bolo loves her KONG toys and so do I. Not only do I love the mental stimulation the interactive toys provide, I also love the fact that the KONG company is generously donating KONG toys to Leader Dogs for the Blind.

During my visit to the Leader Dogs for the Blind Campus, I noticed how many KONG products were being used. I sent a note to the folks at KONG and shared some photos showcasing their products found prominently throughout the facility. I received a return email and subsequent phone call from the team at KONG who offered to donate 500 KONG toys to the Leader Dog program. This is awesome!  I know the entire puppy development team at Leader Dogs will be extremely grateful…as am I. In the meantime, I get to enjoy BOLO playing with her KONG toys and hope you do as well.

Click here to watch Bolo playing with her KONG toys.