When the weather outside is frightful and you can only manage a swift walk around the block or a quick backyard visit, entertaining your dog in the house can be a full time job.  Bored dogs can quickly get into trouble, so you will want a bag of tricks up your sleeve. What are some ways and fun ways to keep dog entertained (with or without you)?

The Babysitter aka The Kong

dog kong

A stuffed Kong toy will keep your dog entertained for a good long time.  Even better stuff your kong with peanut butter, pumpkin, canned food and then place it in the freezer.  A frozen stuffed Kong will buy you even more babysitting time!

Interactive Games

dog puzzle

Creative dog moms and dog dads use puzzle games and interactive toys to keep dog entertained.  Degrees of difficulty will challenge and stimulate your dog and engage their body and mind.

Chow Time

dog food treat

A great boredom buster is have your dog work for their meal by using a food dispensing toy.  It’s mentally stimulating for them to “work” for their food.

Tricks ‘n Treats

dog trick

Doesn’t matter if you have an old dog or a bouncing puppy, teaching a new trick provides a challenge for  them.  If your dog is already a pro at the regular tricks: sit/stay/down/paw, then level up the trick and combine them. Any dog is capable of learning, just needs time and repetition.  If your dog is food motivated, having a pocket full of treats while training will be quite the motivator.

Hide ‘N Seek

dog hide n seek

You hide.  Dog seeks.  It is an old school game that any dog can play.  Many dogs find it very entertaining, especially that they get to use their superpower nose and ears to find you. Watch this fan favorite of a very good doggo playing hide ‘n seek!

Go Fetch

dog with ball

Disclaimer:  if you own a Mastiff/St. Bernard/Irish Wolfhound…maybe indoor fetch is not the best idea for your house!  But for the rest of you who have regular sized pups, tossing, rolling and lobbing the ball inside will definitely wear out your dog and provide much needed exercise.  Choose a soft ball to save your Ming Vase from breaking.

Might As Well Jump

dog in tunnel

To create an indoor obstacle course, you don’t need the professional equipment.  Teach your dog basic agility by having them weave through stacks of books, jumping over small boxes, or tunneling through a blanket fort.  Making it fun and new will engage their mind and body.

Neighborhood Patrol

dogs at window

Dogs love to watch the world go by.  Set up a safe place for dog to see outside and observe the trees, squirrels, birds and passerby.  If your dog is well behaved and can turn off their barker, even cracking the window an inch will allow them to enjoy the smells of the outdoors all the while being comfy on the back of the sofa.