itsaboloWe are beyond excited to reveal our biggest fundraising endeavor yet…The Bolo Project. This year-long fundraiser to benefit Leader Dogs for the Blind was conceived as a way to raise awareness of the remarkable work dogs do for people every day.

At the start of 2013, I was approached by the philanthropic arm of Leader Dogs for the Blind to consider raising a puppy for their program. Wow! What an honor it was – their organization thought highly enough about Dog is Good that they would consider us for this tremendous opportunity to do something larger than ourselves. As a professional dog trainer, I knew I was up to the task, but how could I possibly train, fall in love with, and raise a puppy that I would have to give away?

Brad McKenna, Director of Corporate Giving at Leader Dogs for the Blind (, shared with me a quote from a current puppy raiser in their program – ”It’s not what you are giving up…It’s what you are giving”. I took that sentiment to heart and, together with Jon, decided that we would not only raise the puppy- we would do it on a very public platform to create awareness for how these service dogs come to be, the tremendous impact they have on the lives of the people they serve, and raise funds for the Leader Dog program.

I am happy to announce that tomorrow (September 17th) I am flying to the Leader Dog campus in Rochester Hills, Michigan to pick up Bolo. Bolo happens to be the name of our little logo dog with the halo that graces all Dog is Good products. It stands for “Be On the Lookout”. After months of planning we are thrilled to formally announce The Bolo Project.

When we started the Dog is Good company, we established guiding principles  – one of which is to be socially responsible. We are committed to giving back to animal welfare organizations and others that promote the power of the dog-human bond. The term BOLO  was our way of saying “hey, be on the lookout – we’ll be doing good things!

Stay tuned for pictures and video as Dog is Good embarks on this journey. PLEASE – Do visit the website (, sign up there for the Bolo newsletter, and follow Bolo on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube by looking up the hash tag #theboloproject. Tell your friends, too. We will be launching opportunities to make donations that you will not want to miss!


AND- Be On the Look Out- One puppy will change how you see the world!