When you pride yourself on offering outstanding customer service, you want the first person people come into contact with to be genuine, respectful, kind, and committed to top notch customer service.

With Van Loney, employee number 4, this is exactly what you get.  Added to the Dog is Good family in October 2011, Van jumped right in to ensure customer and wholesale orders got processed efficiently and in a timely manner. She is also the first person people meet when they walk through our doors, handles the phones in her delightful manner, is party planner/organizer, and generally takes “care” of us here.  Her favorite part about working here…being able to bring her dog Charlie of course!  Van is thoughtful, conscientious, and truly a team player who always looks out for the best for our customers and for our company.  Dog is Good is fortunate to have her here!!

As a mom of 3 kids ages 20,18,and 15, Van stays extremely busy as a devoted mom and nurturer.  She does not find too many challenges in raising both kids and a dog but says, ” I love it that Charlie does not ‘talk back’ to me, although I will admit  it is frustrating when he misbehaves like my children”.  Given an opportunity to just spend time with her family, Van treasures evening walks with Charlie and her children.  They are growing up fast, so every moment is something to be cherished.

5 Things most people don’t know about VAN

1. She escaped from Laos at age 14

2.  She came to the United States as a refugee

3.  She speaks 4 languages: English, French, Vietnamese, Laotian and also knows a little bit of German

4.   She is very loyal (I don’t think this one counts, we ALL KNOW how loyal Van is)

5.  She loves to iron and clean, and cook (Hey Van, I need you at my house )