Everything begins with an idea.  When we  first brainstormed the concept for Dog is Good, our goal was to build a company that celebrated the dog-human connection and surround ourselves with dynamic, creative, fun, people who shared our vision  and could become an integral part of a team.  For the first two years, Jon, Nichole, and I laid the foundation and then, Bingo, we hit the jackpot when we finally got to hire our first employee.  From my perspective, it was like hitting the daily double because our first employee is also my best friend, like a sister and true family to me,  here in Seal Beach.

We would like to introduce you to Gayle Chait, office manager extraordinaire.  Gayle started with us in 2009 just to help out with some basic accounting, but her job quickly grew to all financial accounting and customer service aspects at Dog is Good. She keeps us in check and runs a fantastic ship.  Organized beyond belief, Gayle treats Dog is Good with the same dedication and attention to detail as any business owner would. I can leave town on business and trust that I am truly leaving Dog is Good in the best hands with her  in charge.  Gayle says, “Besides the fun and cool stuff  we do and the growth we have achieved in such a short amount of time, I enjoy having flexibility in my job. I get to be a great mom to my kids and dog and I have an opportunity to go to a job I enjoy every day”. (Hey, thanks Gayle…love knowing this).  Her favorite products are the “Bling tees” and the Mr. Puddingstone Magnet.

Gayle is a mom to two beautiful girls , Rachael (15) and Daniella (10) plus a Cavapoo, named Jax,. She enjoys watching her girls mature through the different phases of their life and being a part of who they are becoming as well as snuggling and peaceful walk time with Jax.

5 Things most people don’t know about Gayle:
1. She’s a born and raised Jersey Girl living in CA (comes in handy here at D.I.G.)2. She has a degree in Aeronautical Studies with a minor in Aviation Management

3. She learned how to fly planes at age 17

4. She is married to a South African

5. She has lived in Australia

We love having Gayle here at Dog is Good!