If your first “child” is your dog, they might be surprised to see someone new getting the attention that was usually given to them. Here are some methods to help your dog get used to a new addition in the house such as a baby.

You can first have your dog socialize with other people within your house and with other pets in a dog park. This will increase their social skills, teach them how to act around others and help them understand that they might not be the center of attention in all situations.

For dogs, it will seem weird to see a very noisy little person that smells different than what they are used to. Before you bring your baby home, you can prepare your dog by walking around with a baby doll or playing recordings of baby sounds. You should also consider things that you might have to teach your dog not to do in this new environment, such as not jumping onto furniture where your baby is or stealing food or toys away from your baby.

If your puppy child can be calm, you can encourage them to smell and be around your baby. If they react positively, tell them how good they’re being by giving treats or toys. However, if your dog is being aggressive, anxious or negative, address it. You can also ask your veterinarian or trainer what additional steps you can take to help your dog adjust to your baby.

The Pet Health Network’s full article on how to introduce your dog to your baby will give you all the information you need to make your interspecies family life harmonious.