Dogvergnügen (“DV”),   I can’t live without it

©Dog is GoodI’ve always said “I cannot live without my dog.”  Many of you would likely agree.  There is a peace and calm that occurs when I am with dogs…a sometimes surreal, comforting feeling of joy.  This feeling is addictive and infectious.  We call it Dogvergnügen and formally define it as “the unique joy you feel in the presence of dog”.

You can get Dogvergnügen the moment you wake up, or walk through your front door.  You can “catch it”  everywhere you go.  The onset of Dogvergnugen can begin with a belly rub, ear scratch, basic petting -and in rare cases- simply eye contact.

  Be careful, Dogvergnugen is highly contagious and can be caught just about anywhere.Dogvergnugen is highly contagious

 Symptoms include:

  • positive behavioral changes

  • improved fitness due to an increase in long walks

  • rushes of affection

  • weakness for wet noses

  • lower blood pressure due to calming influences

  • welling up of eyes when watching movies involving dogs

  • uncontrollable crying while watching ASPCA commercials

  • loss of appetite – when food is left where it can be ‘accessed’

  • slight fatigue due to non-stop rounds of fetch

  • minor discomfort due to loss of bed or sofa area

  • difficulty sleeping due to snoring and/or paws in your back

  • longing brought on by prolonged separation

 If you or someone you love is experiencing any of these symptoms, you’ve got Dogvergnügen… so just enjoy.  I’ve been living with it for years.Carol and Elvis Presley

Tell us: How you would describe your personal Dogvergnugen?

Stay tuned this year for the 2nd annual Dogvergnugen photo contest- a pictorial showcase highlighting the dog-human bond.