What are the best ways to travel with your dog over the holidays? It’s quite enough that you have to worry about schedules, flights, time off work and  packing along gifts.  But your dog’s safety and well-being will take some consideration to make it all run like clockwork!  Will you leave Fido at home with a trust-worthy pet sitter?  Will they accompany you as you road trip or fly home for the holiday?

Speak Dog Speak

holiday dog

If your dog could speak and share their feelings on holiday travel what would they say?  Would they convey to you how much stress they suffer when they leave the safety of their home?  Are they able to tell you that they absolutely love their pet sitter or kennel and would love to visit with them?  Or, would they tell you to book the next flight out and let’s start the adventure now?  You know your animal best.  Consider their temperament and their special needs.  Think about when you arrive at your destination.  Will you be able to spend time with them during the holiday so they feel safe and comforted?  When you are traveling, especially during the stressful holidays, you will want peace of mind that whatever you choose, your four-legged kid will be well taken care of.

Pack It

dog in suitcase

Two suitcases needed!  One for you and one for your fur baby.  Here’s a detailed list of what to take with you on your holiday travel with dog:

  • Pet food and medications
  • Travel bowls for food/water
  • Comfort item such as a favorite blanket or toy
  • Secure carrier/crate
  • Collar with ID/leash
  • Poop Bags
  • Up to date vaccination records
  • Microchip info
  • Mini First Aid Kit

Stay Calm

travel dog

Whether you are traveling by car, train or plane, keeping your dog calm is key for a successful journey. Traveling is long and can produce anxious feelings for you and your pup.  Keeping your dog calm will benefit both of you on your holiday journey.  Calming chews, CBD treats and even a Thundershirt are great additions for your travel schedule.


dog in car

Once you have arrived at your pet-friendly hotel, air b’n b, or Aunt Ethel’s house, keeping a routine for your dog is very important.  Make sure where you are staying is “pet-proof” and all the doors and windows are secure.  Even if your dog has been house-trained for years, an occasional accident may happen. Your dog may want to urinate in a new space, just to get it smelling like him or her.  Showing your dog around the space will help them establish a routine.  Take them outside for more frequent walks and potty breaks, too.

Dress The Part

naughty teegrateful dog

While you are traveling with Dog, don’t forget to outfit yourself with the Dog Is Good Holiday collection!