House training your puppy is one of the first steps that helps them understand when and where they are to do their business.

For starters, do not let your puppy go to the bathroom indoors, have them get used to going only when they’re outside. Since puppies use the bathroom often, you should take them outside every thirty minutes. It is good to establish a designated spot for them use and a keyword that signals to them to go if they need to (such as go, potty or pee). Praise your puppy after they finish and bring them back inside quickly so they can get used to the flow of things. Once they get older, you will be able to easily read when they need to go outside.

Sometimes puppies make mistakes and go to the bathroom inside the house because they are excited or are scared by loud noises but it is important not to punish them. If caught in the act, tell your puppy “no” firmly and take them outside.

Other tips that can help your puppy get house trained include feeding them at scheduled times each day, walking them frequently and cleaning your household regularly so they understand that the place to do their business is outside.

Pet Health Network has a more detailed article on how to house train your puppy, which can help you and your puppy live in a clean home environment.