It has been a week since we returned from Las Vegas, where we participated in the SuperZoo pet industry trade show.  Like many folks who were there, we are just now “coming up for air”.

superzoo picture

Wow, what a week at SuperZoo!  This pet industry trade show was filled with so many cool and innovative products.  But what really made it amazing were the connections we found with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  It is always fascinating to learn about grass-roots start-ups as people take their ideas to market.  The energy and commitment these people pour into their businesses is impressive and inspiring.  A major thread among everyone was their strong work ethic and positive attitude.  There are many challenges in growing a small business and we found that we are not alone or unique in facing the same basic operational challenges businesses face as they grow.  My observations reaffirmed that a planned, steady-strain approach to long term growth with crystal clarity on mission, values,processes, and of course- customer service.

During SuperZoo, I also connected with several members of the Women in the Pet Industry Network.  This organization is comprised of some of the most savvy, energetic, and motivating women in the pet industry.  The outpouring of support for each other was really eye opening.  Members sought ways to share connections, collaborate wherepossible, and give time to help each other succeed.  These are the types of people with whom we all should surround ourselves.    I am proud to be part of the organization.

I would be remiss if I did not mention some of the more “unique items” we ran across during the show such as : actual toilet seats for cats, formal gowns for small dogs, and a Habitrail for dogs made of crates connected by tunnels, just to name a few.

Suffice it to say that SuperZoo is always a blast, and this year was no different.