Dog with a santa hat onThe holiday season means a new atmosphere and goodies for your dog to get lost in. To read more on this subject from the Pet Health Network click here.  Some major points that stand out include the following:

The holidays bring lots of ornaments, seasonal plants, trees and candles into our houses. It’s easy to be captivated by this festive season and your dog will be too. Bright lights, new smells and shiny objects will draw out their curiosity but be sure to keep decorations out of reach or blocked. No one likes taking their sick dog to the vet so block off any objects they might want to chew on such as electrical cords and ornaments.

Wrapping paper and ribbons thrown across the floor are another thing that might catch your dog’s interests. They might want to chew and tear open leftover boxes and gift wrap but consuming these products can upset their stomach or lead to blockage. When dogs aren’t drawn to what’s around the house their noses are guiding them to yummy holiday foods.

Dogs are known to constantly beg for food that’s in their vicinity but be careful what you give them. Avoid most sweets because of most ingredients aren’t dog-friendly. When it comes to holiday meals feed your dog in moderation, just a little lean meat or a side dish is enough.