Are you interested in spreading the love to your pooch this Valentine’s day? Are you at a loss of what to do? Fear not, because we are here to provide you with the best Valentine’s Day Treats for your pup that are cute, healthy, and appropriately spirited for the holiday!

Strawberry treats

Strawberries and Coconut Oil Treats

Strawberries and coconut oil are both very healthy for your dog. This yummy fruit contains antioxidants and fiber, while coconut oil has antibiotic and antiviral features. For this treat, first, you will need to cut up your strawberries into tiny pieces. You can be festive and place them in small heart-shaped molds or you can place them in ice trays. Then, fill the molds or blocks of the ice trays with the coconut oil. Freeze them for a few hours and then they will be ready for your furry companion’s consumption.

Peanut Butter and Yogurt Treats

This treat, like the strawberries and coconut oil one previously, will need to be frozen. This will make your pup take a little extra time to munch on it, meaning he will be able to savor it for longer.

Peanut butter treatsFirst, take an ice tray or heart-shaped mold like before. Add a spoonful of peanut butter to the bottom of each section, and the cover the peanut butter with Greek yogurt. Make sure to get unflavored Greek yogurt to ensure that you will not be introducing any unwanted or unhealthy ingredients to your pup’s palate.

Once placed in the mold, pack the yogurt down into each section with the back of your spoon. You want the peanut butter and yogurt to be secured together. However, you don’t want there to be extra yogurt over the top of the molds or ice cube sections, so ensure that they are all level. Freeze for a few hours and then they will be ready to enjoy! Additionally, this treat can also be enjoyed by humans.

Strawberry Dog Ice Cream

If your Valentine’s day is in a warm location, you might consider making your pup some dog-friendly ice cream. This recipe requires only 32 ounces of plain yogurt, one 1/2 cup of coconut butter, and one cup of pre-washed and dried ripe strawberries.

To begin, you will need to blend together all the listed ingredients in a blender until the mixture is smooth. Next, pour the blended mixture into individual freezer-safe containers, or ice cube trays. The blended mixtures will then need to be placed into the freezer to chill. A few hours later, you can serve single scoops of ice cream to your dog or your dog’s bowl.

Safety First!

It is important to make sure that any and all treats you prepare for your pet are healthy and safe. For instance, dogs may prefer pigmented food but it is absolutely vital that you make sure you’re using food with FDA certified colorants. This is just an example of how you should go out of your way to certify that every ingredient in your pet’s special Valentine’s day cuisine isn’t harmful in any way.

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