adorable photo of cute woman kissing her dogWe want you to show your Dogvergnügen in our 1st Annual “If You’ve Got Dog, You’ve Got Dogvergnügen” Photo Contest. To help participants better understand the mission the team at Dog is Good has answered some key questions about how to enter. Visit our Contest FAQs or have a look below to learn how you may participate in the contest and be our next winner.

1. Do I have to be in the picture with my dog? No. The photo should evoke an emotion in the viewer- a feeling of how great one feels when in the presence of dog (s). Capture your dog doing something that will elicit a smile, laugh, empathy, or create the “awww” factor… It is ideal that you capture the connection between you and your dog, however it is not a requirement to enter.

2. What is Dogvergnügen? Dogvergnügen is a single word that simply means the unique feelings of joy you experience in the presence of dog. It represents the actual physiological change that takes place when you enter your home and your dog greets you, when you pet your dog, play with your dog, look at your dog, relax with your dog, etc….

3. How are you judging the photo? We are looking for photos that tie into the theme for the month, and where there is a strong apparent connection between the dog and person, or where the photo evokes a strong Dogvergnügen response with the viewers. Winning photos are chosen by making us feel good when we see them, but where you can also see how truly good the person feels in the presence of their dog.

4. I always feel great around my dog, what are you looking for in a photo? That special face, posture, act, or habit your dog has/does that makes you laugh. Photos that elicit an immediate laugh or create an intense “awww factor”.