With summer just around the corner the days are going to be longer, drier and warmer! That gives us all the opportunity to enjoy a little more time in the great outdoors with our furry four-legged friends!


Link to Hound and Hoof

Emmie – Photo by Beth Andrews, HoundandHoof.com

Troy + Emmie are currently on their 16 month hike across the US – while we all admire and love what they are doing,  I don’t think any of us will be hiking 7000 miles anytime soon. But for those camping trips and day-hikes already planned for this summer, we’ve created a a checklist with a few tips to keep your pooch (and you) happy and healthy!

1) Know the environmental risks:

Depending on where you live – ticks, mosquitoes and snakes are among the many dangers you and your dog can encounter. Make sure to carry a first aid kit designated just for your pooch. You can put one together or buy an assembled one – like this one that RuffWear has available.

2) Carry LOTS of water:

Just because your dog doesn’t sweat that doesn’t mean he or she isn’t hot! We’ve all seen our pups panting with their tongues hanging out – make sure to give them lots of water to prevent them from overheating. If your dog slows down and stops wagging it’s tail – that’s an indicator for “rest time”. There are collapsible bowls and  portable water dispensers by Gulpy to help keep your dog hydrated.

3) Protect your pup’s paws:

On hot summer days it’s easy for your dog to burn his or her paws on the asphalt. Uneven, rocky surfaces can potentially cause blisters and cuts on unprotected paws – make sure to wrap any cuts with medical tape to temporarily solve the problem. For those longer hikes, many companies make “booties” for your puppy’s paws. RuffWear makes Bark-n-Boots Grip Trex booties perfect for all seasons and all conditions.

4) Respect the wildlife and other hikers:

While we all love our four-legged family members, not all people are dog-friendly. Most state parks require your pet to be leashed – but for those “almost off-leash ready” dogs, just keeping one on hand is a good idea. Don’t let your dog wander away from you – even if she’s good at recall, a little rabbit can be very tempting and cause her to tune out your screams of “COME!”

Rad Dog makes a great retractable leash, the Release N Run,  for those moments when keeping your dog next to you is required.

The only thing left is some comfy and stylish gear for yourself – make sure to visit our website at DogisGood.com to check out all of our tees, hats and other great gifts.

If you can check off all of these items – you’re prepared for some safe and fun summer outings with your dogs!

Happy Hiking!