Grooming in your own home can only mean one thing:  Eau De Wet Dog Smell!  Have you tried bathing, tooth-cleaning, brushing and trimming your dog’s nails on your own?  It’s now even easier than you think! There have been many advances in products designed for the DIY dog lover and we are sharing some of the best!

Bubble Bath

Dog shampoo’s have really elevated for dog moms and dog dads.  There are speciality brands that single out your needs: itchy, sensitive skin, shedding, puppy, dandruff, etc.  Shampoos that dilute early and don’t leave behind any residue are key in getting your pup squeaky clean. If your goal is to have a clean and dog that doesn’t smell like “wet dog” then here are the top Vet Recommended Shampoos and Conditioners for your pup.

Pearly Whites

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is a task that seems daunting. But dog lovers take care, there are some amazing new products to help remove plaque and keep your dog’s teeth sparkling.  The obvious way to clean is a toothbrush.  But you don’t just have to use a brush, there are also finger toothbrushes that make it easy to deep clean teeth and gums.  In addition, there are also doggy tooth wipes to simply wipe and battle the plaque, tartar and bacteria that causes tooth decay.  Dental chews are also a viable option to clean teeth and combat bad dog breath. Even the dog water bowl can help keep teeth clean.  There are healthy water additives to help with dental care. Check out the top products to keep those teeth pearly white!

Hair There & Everywhere

Wearing black clothes and being a dog owner don’t usually go together.  Dogs have hair, a lot of it.  But did you know there are brushes designed specifically for short haired, long haired and dogs with a double coat?  Remember the more hair you remove with a brush, the less hair on the couch, your clothes and in your ice cream bowl!  Here are the top picks for dog brushes!

Doggy PAWdicure

Clipping, grinding, filing your dog’s nails can be painful for both the pet parent and the pup.  Recently there are new techniques and tricks…ahem, have you heard about the peanut butter trick?  Whether you are filing, grinding or clipping, the AKC has these recommended tips on how to trim your dog’s nails safely.