This time of year we are reminded to express gratitude for all that we have.  We sit back and reflect on our blessings. If you’re a pet parent, you are also grateful for the unconditional love that we get from our dog. Our lives are even better with a dog and we couldn’t imagine our world without them. Here are our top 10 reasons we are grateful for dog:

Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend

man and grateful dog

Dogs are the most loyal companions to their owners.  They want to love you and be by your side through everything.  As a dog owner, we are dog co-dependent!

Personal Trainer

enjoy your dog walk even more

When you are a dog mom or dog dad, you have a built in life coach who expects you to be active every day. Dog owners are less likely to get heart disease, have lower blood pressure, report decreased levels of stress and can have an increased immune system

Better Than a Dyson

kitchen dog

If you have a dog, you know exactly how to maneuver in the kitchen.  Step carefully, straddle their bodies and grow eyes in the back of your head!  Those who own dogs know that sweeping up crumbs is non-existent. Dogs are the perfect canine vacuum for anything that hits the kitchen floor.

The DOGtor Is IN

doctor dog

Feeling blue?  Not up to doing anything but laying on the couch?  Well guess what, that is the dog’s favorite thing to do (besides chasing squirrels).  Grab the remote, pull over a blanket and you have the makings of a perfect dog day!

Security Guard

security dog

You think that a package will ever be delivered without you knowing about it?  Not if you have a dog!  They take their protection detail seriously.  Whether it’s the neighborhood cat having the nerve to walk in front of their window or a greedy squirrel gathering nuts, your dog will let you know all about it.

Say Cheese

silly dog

Dogs are the comedic value we need in our life.  When they chase their tail or do the zoomies from one end of the house to another, dogs will always provide the laughter.


dog and man

Dogs are #1 at keeping secrets.  Pour out your innermost thoughts and guaranteed your dog will not tell a soul!

Play Dress Up

dog halloween

Most dogs will humor a good costume for the holidays and just expect a treat or belly rub in exchange.  They tolerate our goofiness with a big smile and will pose perfectly for the picture.

Welcome Home

dogs at the window

Whether you went out to get the mail or worked all day, your dog is always happy to see you!  Good day?  Bad day?  Dog doesn’t care, they are there to greet you with wagging tails.

Grateful For Dog

grateful dog tee

If you agree with our reasons to be Grateful For Dog, wear it and share it with the world!