It’s summer time.  You find yourself outdoors more often.  The sun is shining daily.  You are looking for your next adventure.  Maybe it’s time to go camping with your dog?  Don’t leave them behind, dogs love a good outdoor trip. A happy dog will make you a happier camper. Whether you are tent camping by the ocean, on top of the mountain or kicking it in an RV, we have some simple tips to remember.

Preparation 101

Your dog is about to encounter NATURE and a whole lot of other new sniffs and sights.  First rule of business is to choose a camping spot or campground that is dog friendly.  Most traditional campgrounds will require you to keep Mr. Doggo on a leash at all times.

Unquestionably, make sure your best paw friend sees the vet before the big trip.  Make sure they are up to date on vaccinations and definitely make sure you are current on flea and tick medication.

If your dog is not micro-chipped, get that done before the excursion.  Without a doubt, a microchip will help you reunite with your dog if they get loose while camping. If you want an alternative solution or just additional protection for your furry friend an innovative GPS dog collar will be a good choice. These smart collars send a radio signal to your handheld GPS receiver indicating your dog’s exact location. Give your dog a chance to enjoy camping and keep an eye on your doggy at the same time.

Hit the doggy spa too before you get going.  Markedly, it may seem counterproductive to fancy them up before an outdoor adventure, but trimmed hair will keep them cooler in warm temperatures.  In addition, make sure to get their nails clipped so they don’t get snagged on things in the great outdoors.

Get Packing

dog bag

Here are some doggy camping essentials you should bring along:

  • Dog food and a bowl
  • A bowl for water
  • Dog treats
  • Prescription medication, if applicable
  • Stake or tether
  • Extra towels
  • Dog first-aid kit
  • Outdoor-safe toys
  • Collar and leash
  • A current photo
  • Vet records and medical information
  • An attachable ID tag
  • Dog waste bags

Here are a few extras you might want to consider as well:

  • A dog brush
  • An outdoor harness
  • GPS tracking collar
  • A swim-safe leash
  • A doggy daypack
  • Your dog’s bed
  • A dog rain jacket
  • Booties or paw protectant

When you have all your doggy supplies gathered, throw it all in your favorite DIG tote bag!

Get Camping

dog and boy

It goes without saying, but you will be in a new environment unfamiliar to your pup.  Certainly never leave your dog unattended at the campground, in the car or the RV.

As you are experiencing the wonderful sounds and sights of nature, be conscious of doggy allergies.  Many dogs can experience seasonal allergies just like their paw-rents.  Sneezing, itching, wheezing and ear scratching are all signs of allergies.

With all the mountain hiking, rock climbing, swimming and playing you are doing with your dog, stay hydrated!  High energy activities and being outdoors all day will mean that Fido will need more water than usual.  Generally, as a rule, adult dogs need about one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. Basically if you are engaging in lots of outdoor play, your pup will require more.  In this situation, dog water bottles or collapsible bowls are essential to have while you are adventuring.

Get ready to have the time of your lives and plan activities that you and your dog can do together!  Hit the hiking trails, go to the beach, go boating, go kayaking or paddle-boarding.

Destination FUN

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Never Camp Alone

You packed a full tote for your pup of all the essentials. Now, make sure you do the same for you, the dog lover:   NEVER CAMP ALONE

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