Madison GandaIt’s official.  Los Alamitos High School senior Madison Ganda is Dog is Good’s Employee of the Month for November 2009.  Informed of the exciting news at the DIG holiday party with his parents present, Ganda had this to say: “OK, cool.”  After a long uncomfortable silence which ultimately prompted him to continue, he added “I didn’t know I was even eligible, I mean, I’m like, one of those 1099 people.”

“I really like having Madison around and he’s really flexible with his hours coming in on short notice” said DIG co-owner and professional dog trainer Gila Kurtz, “he comes as soon as he’s called… very obedient.”

The fact that his certificate managed to get spattered with hummus from its proximity to the pita chips did not diminish the importance or gravity of the occasion.  After some ham (with a little too much fat on the edges) and several rum balls, Ganda apparently warmed up and volunteered “you know, all I really do is unload boxes then break them down and throw ’em away, recycle, whatever.  I’m usually there at night and the Kurtzes have been there for like 10 hours.  I have to turn up my iPod ’cause they start sounding like the Castanzas after a while.”

Owner Jon Kurtz spoke frankly about his honored employee: “If showing up on time and stacking folded tee shirts neatly is an indicator of future success – and it may well be, then by all means, Ganda has a bright future.”

* * *

Madison Ganda Employee of the Month Great Dane Bakery’s interpretation of Winter Bolo: He was delicious.

Gayle (Office Mngr. Extraordinaire), Maj (PR Maven), Gila (co-founder / wonder woman)Gayle (Office Mngr. Extraordinaire), Maj (PR Maven), Gila (co-founder / wonder woman)

Everyone else at Dog is Good’s inaugural Holiday Party had a great time too. Attendees could be found scattered around the Kurtz’s home, playing dreidel, singing Christmas tunes and stealthily trading away their white elephant gifts; The evening was a decided success.

Although The third and final Dog is Good co-founder, J.Nichole Smith, was in town for the event, she could not be found for comment. She was last seen holed up in the office with a cocktail and a piece of cake,  cranking out DIG designs for 2010.

Henry, the Kurtz’s little cupcake-face Japanese Chin spent the evening twittering his tail and shamelessly using his ability to “sit pretty” to elicit food donations from the junior guests.

Sasha, the Kurtz’s other “Good Dog” shrugged her model citizen status for the evening to scavenge for dropped bits of lasagna and rogue Hershey’s kisses that might have made their way to the floor or the edge of the table. Finding only meager crumbles of cheese here and there (which she proceed to lap off the marble tile floor) she settled for the cocktail nuts on the coffee table, which she immediately regretted.

* * *