The dog days of summer are officially behind us and now it’s our favorite time of year: AUTUMN! When the weather changes and Mother Nature cooperates,  fall is an opportune time to head outdoors with our fur kids.  This season may look a little different from last year, but that just means you need some creativity. We’ve put together our favorite fall activities for humans and canines alike.

Pumpkin Patch

dog and pumpkin

How about your let your pup pick and sniff out the best smelling pumpkin in the patch?  Many pumpkin patches are dog friendly and the photo opps are just amazing!  Get out there and get a pumpkin (or two or three).  Make this an annual fall tradition. As always, don’t forget the poop bags!

Apple Picking

dog with apple

Imagine the peaceful and serene feeling of walking through an apple orchard with your best friend by your side.  Imagine their delight when you share the bounty of apples with them! Yes, apples are a great source of fiber as well as Vitamin A and C, for you and your pup.  Not to mention, they are a great breath freshener for your fur kid. Skip the core and the seeds and just stick to the slices.

Halloween Parade

halloween dog

Your local HOWL-O-WEENIE parade may have been cancelled this year.  But this does not mean that you should skip the costume portion.  Come on, how many likes will that pic get on social media of your dog dressed up like a pirate, a cowboy, a hot dog or Superman?  You know you want to.  We approve.  Don’t forget to make sure your pup is comfortable and safe in whatever costume you chose.


dog in a canoe

As the leaves change colors, it’s a perfect time to be in the great outdoors with your pooch. Lower temperatures and dwindling crowds will make the mountains, lakes and rivers an ideal spot to spend quality one-on-one time together.  Bonus, you and your dog will get your double dose of exercise and the release of all those good endorphins!  Don’t forget to wear you signature Dog Is Good gear, too.

Baked Goods

dog with chefs hat

Oh yes please.  PSL for you and all other things pumpkin for the doggo.  Pureed pumpkin adds extra nutrients and fiber to your dog’s diet, plus it tastes delicious, too!  Want to go overboard?  Make your dog Pumpkin Pupcakes and be prepared to be voted MVP of the kitchen!


football dog

We know you aren’t headed to the stadium this football season, so time to up your couch game.  You’ve got the big screen, the sofa sectional, the big bowl of chips ‘n dip. Now just add in the Dog Brew by Busch and you have got yourself a touchdown!

Leaf Jumping

dog jumping into leaves

You are never too old to jump in a pile of leaves!  In fact, we insist you do this fun fall activity more than once with your dog.  They might need an example of the art of piling in the leaves.  So, channel your inner 10-year-old self and take a leap!