In June, our family lost the most incredible, loving, funny Cavalier spaniel you have ever met.  He got his name because of his adorable markings and we had always told our youngest daughter her freckles were kisses from God.  Well, Freckles, our Cavalier Spaniel was truly a gift from God for us.  Freckles had a larger than life personality.  He was the greeter for all who came to visit ~ wagging his tail and “talking” until you reached down to give him some love.  He was the neighborhood inspector ~ taking himself on his daily walk around our cul-de-sac – and being so proud of himself when he came home.  He was our backyard watch dog ~ woo-wooing at all the birds who dared to enter his domain.  He was our snuggler-under the covers- on cold nights, our lick you in the face to wake you up alarm each morning, and our cuddle by the fire with you fur ball.  Freckles knew on Christmas morning he got his own stocking and on Easter his own basket….and would race our girls to the door to get there first.  When the girls were little he would proudly walk them around the neighborhood on Halloween saying hi to everyone.  As they got older he would be in the middle of their sleepovers in the living room.  We did not expect to lose this sibling so soon, but we, as a family, can find comfort in that he will always hold a place in our hearts-loved and missed.   We can feel his presence often and are so thankful that he was a part of our lives. Freckles – you will never be forgotten.

Ted, Susan, Mallory & Gillian