I have two small mutts, both senior dogs. They cherish me… and I cherish them. I work from home and I have a somewhat stressful job (sounds contradictory but freelancers only get paid for hours or projects completed and deadlines are usually ridiculous). So when I look over my shoulder at my canine office mates at a particularly demanding time in my day, I am immediately comforted.

Fiona and Shammy immediately look at me (seriously, can they hear my head turning?), wag their little tails and act like “are you going to come over here? really? Really? OMG! She is coming over here!” They are just so happy. It’s impossible to resist the feel of their warm bodies and fur, along with their excitement — for just a simple hug from me! — is overwhelmingly gratifying, relaxing and flattering. It is a physical “ahhhhh” for me and I am quickly calmed, relaxed and confident that I can do anything. I think every time, “what do I do to deserve this loyalty, dedication and unconditional love?” The answer? Nothing. They’re dogs. It’s who they are.

I was literally saying (albeit to myself) yesterday that I am incredibly grateful for these pups. I couldn’t describe the feeling (again, to myself… did I say I work alone at home?) so thank you for putting a name to it: DOGVERGNÜGEN. Love it.