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Ella is more than your regular ole dog. Ella is my side kick, my partner in crime and my best friend. It took three visits to PETS Inc., a no-kill shelter in Columbia, SC to find the right fit two years ago, but when I saw her propped up on the fence with her big, sad, swollen eyes, almost as if she had been crying, I knew she was the perfect pup for me. Two hours, a series of shots, piles of paper work and a new collar later, she was no longer scared or lonely, but instead on her way to her forever home with me.

Since adoption day, Ella has helped see me through college, heartbreaks, several moves, the transition into adulthood and everything in between. Ella is always right by my side to lend a kiss on the cheek or offer that big doggie smile of hers to brighten my day. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t greet me at the door the second I get home, excited as if she hasn’t seen me in months. Ella’s loyalty is infinite; she would rather be by my side than anywhere else in the world.

On any given day, you can find her cruising in my bike basket to the beach, kayaking down a river, swinging in a tire swing, visiting the farmers market for a treat, celebrating all holidays in true Ella style, riding horses, making new doggie friends at the dog park or participating in any other activities my days consist of, including monumental events such as college graduation.  Ella is one of those dogs you can put in any situation and she adjusts, making friends along the way.

PETS Inc. provided me with one of the coolest, happiest, most adventurous dogs there has ever been, and for that, I am forever grateful. They house nearly 200 dogs and cats that are waiting to find their forever home, just like Ella. PETS, Inc. has developed programs to address the problems from the point of rescue, through the rehabilitation and adoption processes and then, going a step further, to insure the animal has a reasonably good chance for successful integration into the family by addressing its training and emotional needs. Since 1992, they have rescued and placed over 46,000 dogs and cats in forever homes.

In support of an organization that has truly impacted my life and many others, I would like our donation to be given to PETS Inc. with a hope that abandoned dogs and cats will have a  second chance at life and allow others to find happiness in a companion, just as Ella and I have.

Watch the adorable video of Kellie and Ella here!