Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 12.10.15 PM“Arbi. Short for the word “arbitrary”.  I was doing work experience at
a vet clinic, I’d made it to Friday, it was 5pm, I was just leaving
the clinic when in came Arbi.  He was just 5 weeks old, but was
considered to be un-adoptable by the city due to his breed (a
potential pit-bull cross).  Arbitrarily I interrupted his fate, and
took him home instead.  At that time my husband and I didn’t have
anywhere to live, we had little money, we had just returned from years
of backpacking, and essentially only owned what we could carry on our
backs.  Now we had a dog!!!!

Since that moment of Arbi coming into our lives, everything has
changed.  We laugh with him everyday, we explore endless beaches,
mountains and parks.  Friends often come to visit, just to see Arbi
(not us!!).  We do everything we can to give Arbi a good life, with
plenty of enrichment and love.  And he gives it back to us 10-fold.
The selfless love of a dog, there is nothing like it!!! ”

The photo is a small series of photos my husband took of us on the
beach, after our wedding I went down to the beach and trashed the
dress, with Arbi’s help of course!!  Arbi was also “Best Dog” in the

Watch the 45 second video of Arbi here.

The Charity I would like to support is Dolly’s Foundation

-Erin Willson