My bouncing off the wall, BESTEST friend is my Boston Terrier, Bella :) bella player 1

Bella and I met 2 years ago, and it was love at first sight. Growing up, my family had lovable and cuddly Chinese pug named Priscilla. She was the most amazing family dog you could ever imagine. Living to be 16 years old, my family was devastated when she passed away. I couldn’t even entertain the idea of finding a companion who could replace her! We were heartbroken.

bella cleaning jenna's noseFive years later, while visiting my extended family in North Carolina for the holidays, I spotted Bella and knew she was meant to be mine. Maybe it was her goofy face markings or the way she can look at you like she knows exactly what you are saying, she instantly melted my heart. I knew I had to take her home. My family, especially my younger brother, was completely thrilled at the idea of having a new puppy in the house! It was the best Christmas present we could have ever received. No one wanted to replace Priscilla, but we truly did not know what we were waiting for. We LOVE animals and she deserved a good home. I thought, “why not? Maybe it’s time.” I’m so glad that I took the plunge and took this adorable puppy home. Bringing excitement back to our family, we became whole again and it’s all thanks to our Bella. She is my happy :)

bella and i our first picture!The charity that I believe is deserving of this assistance is The Biscuit Foundation in Burlington, NC. I found Bella while visiting Burlington, and I know this foundation would love to find happy homes for all their deserving doggies. Many animals are sent to overcrowded animal shelters simply because their owners are unable to care for them due to health reasons. The Biscuit Foundation strives to offer alternatives for the pets in these circumstances. Hoping for new beginnings, these pets are loved until they can find new homes. Donations from generous animal lovers like us are the only way that foundations like these can survive. I would love to be able to send the kind folks at The Biscuit Foundation a little Christmas love to help out with the animal adoptions around the holidays. Bella was my Christmas joy, and I would love to give someone else the same holiday happiness.

bella high fivePlease choose Bella and I!!! We are partners while playing cards, partners in crime, and partners in life. Soulmates :) Happy Holidays! Let’s send The Biscuit Foundation some holiday help and cheer!

xoxo and <woof woof,>
Bella and Jenna