Howi Hall photo 1My dog is Howi. We got Howi from a local rescue. He’s a beagle/corgi mix with a little pit bull too. I wasn’t looking to get a 3rd dog when I happened to see his write up on an online news platform. His photos caught my eye. He was a beautiful tan and white, not too big, and not too small. I didn’t know what made me keep reading … although now I know it was Fate.

His story was vague, the rescue not knowing much about him other than his having a huge distrust towards people. He has some scars on his butt, ear, and face, apparent that he was physically abused and possibly neglected. At only 1 year old he was dropped off at a local pound who called the rescue for help. Howi wasn’t doing so well in the kennels and was extremely frightened. The Mutts Matter Rescue came in to help and put him in a foster care home. Everything in his write-up tugged at my heart strings, and something in the back of my head kept telling me to reach out to the rescue and get more info. He required a home with a stable, routine atmosphere. Other pets were a necessity and no children. It was like I JUST KNEW he was meant to be a part of our family. I already had 2 friendly dogs and 2 crazy cats, and children were NOT in our future plans. Although we had briefly talked about getting a 3rd dog, it wasn’t really in the plans at that time. But I filled out the online application anyway and soon enough we were on the road to the foster care ready to take Howi home!

Howi Hall photo 2I remember that day so well. You could tell he was just so frightened and confused. He pee’d in my lap on the 2 hr ride home – no big deal – and for the entire 1st week we had to carry him outside to go potty. He would barely move from his blanketed spot. He had so much anxiety he would throw up his food every 3 days, like clockwork. But we kept working with him to make him feel safe and comfortable. I carried him to my bed when it was time for sleep. I would pet him and talk to him while he lay in his safe spot. My other 2 dogs were great with him as well, allowing him to have his space when he needed it.

Howi Hall photo 3It’s now almost his 1 year anniversary of being a part of our family and he’s made such huge progress you wouldn’t even know he was the same dog! He always has a smile on his face and a wagging tail. He doesn’t throw up his food any longer and has his routine down pat. He loves to play and get wild with his brothers AND chase his kitty siblings. He’s still a little shy of new visitors, but everyday he’s making new progress. Once he’s seen you a few times, he’s comfortable and doesn’t run in the opposite direction. I’m so glad I read his story and contacted the rescue. He’s not only living the life a dog should have, but he’s taught me a ton about patience. And love. No matter what their background, given the right surroundings, a dog is always willing to give you their unconditional love. And kisses … lots of kisses.

View Barbara’s video of Howi here:


If chosen, the charity I would like to be the beneficiary of a cash donation is the Mutts Matter Rescue.