With Father’s Day this past weekend, I thought it appropriate to introduce the CEO of Dog is Good, my husband and father of my child, Jon.  He is the brainchild behind Dog is Good, first coming up with the idea several years ago. But before “leading the pack” at Dog is Good, he served his country as an officer in the United States Navy- a role that would serve him well in building a small business from the ground up.jon kurtz

Jon is a product of the United States Naval Academy. He spent 27 years in leadership positions and developed a reputation for advancing  process improvement and as someone who provided opportunity for his crew and staff to achieve personal growth.  Upon his retirement as a Navy Captain almost 3 years ago, it made perfect sense for him to transition from running a multi-million dollar naval operation to “taking the helm” here at Dog is Good.

jon kurtz twoTo  most people who first meet Jon, he appears serious and focused.  However, one quickly discovers what I know so well,  he is incredibly witty, incredibly funny, gives great thought to detail,  and- as a man with utmost integrity- always looks to do what is right and in the best interest of his family, his employees, and our business.  It is Jon’s wit and humor that has truly shaped the focus of Dog is Good.  Though admittedly he can’t draw a stick figure, most people don’t realize that he is the mastermind behind most every  concept and theme seen throughout the Dog is Good product line. Often the creativity comes during our morning runs, a long drive, or a bike ride.

Jon is a great dad too.  He has been there to guide, educate, and cheer for our daughter, Abby, every day.  He is a role model for honesty, ethics, hard work, and commitment. His adoration and pride for Abby are evident through all the things he does for her and the fact that he never misses a milestone or event she is involved with.

People often wonder how the two of us, married 23 years, can stand to work together all day long.  Truth is, so do we.  But seriously, I think it boils down to respect , communication and focus on a common goal.  We love and cherish our daughter, we are devoted to and passionate about our dogs, we take pride in sharing the Dog is Good message, and we are incredibly grateful for the loyal, dedicated, and hard working D.I.G. family members.

I  suppose the truth to our ability to work together is best answered by one  of Jon’s latest concepts:  the 24/7  365 line.  I admire, trust, and love Jon 24/7  365 every minute…every day  (well- just about every minute every day…I am human after all).