Troy + Emmie just kicked off their 7000 mile hike last week to help military families in need – on the same day included a trivia question about the two on their website.

Free Kibble

For those of you who haven’t heard of, it’s an awesome organization created by12 year old Mimi Auslund from Bend, Oregon. With the thousands of hungry dogs and cats in shelters across the country, Mimi developed this great – and free – way for people to help feed animals in need.  Visit the site, answer a fun Bow-Wow Trivia question and *POOF* they donate 10 pieces of kibble to local shelters across the US. The best part is – the food is donated whether you answer the trivia question correctly or not! There’s a new question everyday – the more you play the more free kibble donated to hungry dogs. Since the website’s launch in April of 2008 over 413,000 pounds of kibble has been fed to the thousands of dogs in shelters across the country.

Troy + Emmie’s Bow-Wow Trivia question provided 486,570 pieces of free kibble! How amazing is that?

Make sure to visit daily to feed as many dogs as possible! To feed all the hungry felines there’s also a

Troy & Emmie

Photo by Beth Andrews,

Thanks Mimi for including Troy+ Emmie as the Bow-Wow Trivia question and creating such an awesome site.

To support Troy, visit our website at to purchase our “Never Walk Alone” tee – remember we donate all retail proceeds to Troy’s cause.