Maintaining a healthy weight for your dog is the key to a happy, healthy long life.  Besides walking your dog, how else do your exercise your dog?  There are many other fun alternative ways to get the “zoomies” going, and here are our favorites:


fetch dog     

Tried and true!  Fetch is an easy way to exercise your dog (and your arm for sure).  Whether your pup loves a ball, a frisbee or a disc…throwing toys in the backyard will quickly tire your pup out.  If  you have a ball obsessed doggy, then an automatic ball launcher is a great investment. Here are the top ball launchers in 2022!

Go Dog Go

Didn’t quite achieve that summer bod you were hoping for?  Well, taking a run with your dog is an easy way to get exercise for you and your dog.  Click here for tips on how to train your dog to run with you!

Take A Hike


Climb the tallest mountain or simply take a leisurely hike with your pup.  Both activities give both dog and HOOMAN an excellent workout.  Don’t forget to wear your DIG swag:  Never Hike Alone!

Obstacle Course

agility dog

Jumping through hoops and over hurdles, running through tunnels and even weaving through poles is a great way to stimulate your dog’s mind and body. Not to mention, the workout you will get running around with your pup.  Think you want to try a mini course in your backyard?  Check out these starter agility equipment for dogs!


exercsing with dog

Grab your dog’s favorite rope toy and start running around the yard.  You will soon have a fast shadow at your heels.  Dogs love to play keep away and this activity strengthens their muscles and jaws.  Dog Moms  should have treats in your pockets to train them to “let go” when you say the command.

Dive In

swim dog

If your dog loves the water, swimming in the pool, lake, pond, ocean is a perfect way to exercise your dog. Beat the heat and spend the afternoon splashing in the water will make for one very tired doggo at the end of the day.  Need some doggy safe water products?  Check these top picks for water safety.