Last Weekend summer gave us an early preview. Phew, it was beyond hot at DIG headquarter in gorgeous Seal Beach California! DIG headquarters has no AC, which is not unusual as living near the beach one’s home normally doesn’t require it, but on April 19th the heat was  brutal.  Despite the heat,people were out running and  riding bikes, hitting the surf, taking up all the beach volleyball courts and crowding the streets of Seal Beach.  I couldn’t wait to join these folks, but I had a huge shipment of product to get out to In The Company of Dogs and since the screen printer did not have the tees ready for the scheduled Friday afternoon pick-up time, I had to head out  there on  Saturday morning to grab loads of boxes to bring home with tees to sort and barcode for this shipment.  I pride myself on my quickness and effeciency, but this simple task of sorting sizes and barcoding them, bagging them and repacking in boxes takes a LONG time….hours.  I told ITCOD the shipment would ship on Saturday and since, I ALWAYS follow through with what I say I am going to do, I knew most of my day would be spent on this project.  Fortunately, my neighbor has two teenage boys eager to earn some extra money!  Thank goodness they were not as eager as I was to hit the beach and were available to  help me with everything.  So, we set up an assembly line out in our front driveway and were able to finish everything in two hours rather than the anticipated 4+, the boys were happy to put some cash in their pockets, and I was thrilled to have plenty of the day left to ride bikes with Jon and Abby down to Seal Beach.  I am sure ITCOD will also be happy to recieve their PO early as promised.