There are not enough letters in the alphabet to create a word big enough to describe my love for my dogs. How I do love thee? Let’s count the lessons learned…

Murphy the Lab – There is no planning because you never know which way that ball is going to bounce! Just go get it! I also learned what our responsibility as pet owners entails when at 15 years old, sick and in pain, Murphy went on every day just for me. His eyes thick with cataracts would light up when he saw me – I had to make a decision and it proved to be the hardest thing I ever had to do. Life is hard.

Bailey the Aussie – Don’t sweat the small stuff. Bailey checked out the lay of the land and taught me to evaluate the circumstances thoroughly before pouncing. As a rescue he was very aggressive, but time and security made him the sweetest soul. Six months after Murphy crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I believe Bailey broken-hearted by the loss of his friend of 13 years, wanted to join him. A sudden illness ended his life, but Bailey lives on through a program to help rescue and shelter animals.

Connor the Lab – I love you but I don’t have to show you all the time. Very independent, trustworthy, and consistent, I am always there for you. That’s what friends are for….

Riley the deaf Aussie – Dependence tempered with independence. I am my own dog, but I will follow your direction to stay safe. Life goes on and handicaps can be overcome, love conquers all. I trust you.

My dogs have changed my career path, taught me that anything is possible, and that true love lasts forever.

The greatest lesson my dogs have taught me is everyone needs help of some kind, and if you take the time to listen to discover what that need is, you can help. And as Murphy taught me…you never know which way that ball is gonna bounce!