unnamedMommy’s Home….
Pandemonium…Bark, Bark, Bark…woof, woof, woof…running around, jumping up and down, kiss, kiss, kiss…My welcoming committee whether I have been gone 10 minutes or 10 hours. My heart is full knowing I am loved unconditionally.

I do not have dogs and cats, I have short, furry four legged children. Since I never had 2 legged children, my 4 legged kids get treated just like the 2 legged. Except, I think 2 legged are easier. At some point, you can send them to their room and make them pick up their toys.

When I look at my animals, my heart fills just like a mother. When they are sick, I stay up all night with them.  I worry if they sneeze wrong or aren’t acting right… ok, so I’m an overprotective mother.

Did I mention I have 4 dogs and 4 cats? All of my children are rescues, somebody else abandoned them. I will never be able to understand how people can do that. I know that no matter what I never will. They give me so much happiness and joy. I could have the worst day ever and 5 minutes with everyone on my lap and all is right in the world again. Because of them I have gotten involved in volunteer work with rescues, even on a board of directors. When those scared, often sick or old dogs find their new forever home, it will always bring tears to my eyes, knowing those little souls will never want for anything again.

I worked 60 plus hours a week in corporate America and was miserable. Because of my love for my furry kids and wanting to spend time around other pet parents, I decided to do something that would connect me with my animals and people that loved them. So, my business was born making bling for pets and the people that love them.

My days are spent at shows talking to people about their pets or working from my home office surrounded by my furry children. A perfect example occurred a couple of weeks ago, I was standing in my booth at a show watching Grand Prix horses jump and I had a Shiatzu and a Doberman in the booth playing and getting treats while trying on collars with their mom, in 78 degree December weather in Florida. Life, because of and with my furry kids and their friends, does not get better than that. Now I still work 60 hours a week but, I truly love what I do. Because I am surrounded by furry children and that means surrounded by love.