Dogs make everything more interesting.  Tonight I have been trying to transform the atmosphere in my home for the Dog is Good holiday party.  I use the word “trying” with intent, as putting together creative holiday decor is not my greatest strength.  As I strive to achieve a setting modeled “almost” exactly after a friend’s elegant tea party, I am humored by my constant companion who is actively engaged in this “project”.  Yep, it’s another BOLO adventure.

BOLO is always by my side- eager to play, explore, or just hang out.  Tonight is no different, but she knows something is up.  The adventure began in my living room.  This past summer, we had given our daughter the furniture in this room so she could furnish her college apartment.  With no time or real interest just yet in re-furnishing, the open space was perfect for a “banquet style/sit down event”.   BOLO was curious and stayed underfoot as I began to put tables in place and set them with linens and centerpieces.  Henry could care less and remained curled up sleeping on the couch in the family room.

BoloEvery time I placed a folding table on the floor to open the legs, BOLO would proceed to step on it.  When I began to pull out the borrowed table linens from a bag, she searched deep inside, ending up with her head stuck.  This resulted in another comical moment with her frantically trying to shake it off. She trotted repeatedly with me back and forth from the car as I got the folding chairs and used her fine tuned snout to inspect each and every one thoroughly as I placed them around the table.  Finished with that task, I started clearing off counters in the kitchen.  I had not noticed that BOLO had disappeared.

Suddenly, my attention was drawn to the dessert table, which I had covered with a floor length tablecloth. This had become my “dumping spot” for all the serving platters and dessert trays.  The tablecloth was too big for this particular table, so I had folded, secured, and hid the excess underneath.  Apparently, BOLO thought the excess fabric  was a potential bed.  Disappearing under the table, she proceeded to engage the familiar act of “digging and turning” on her new “bed”.  You know the drill with this scenario (dig, dig, circle, circle, dig some more…etc).  As she did this she was pulling the entire table cloth off and all the serving platters along with it.  Fortunately, I stopped her just as they were reaching the edge- destined to fall and likely break.

Bolo in the KitchenWith the potential disaster averted, I  headed back to the kitchen to cook.  BOLO took her position in the inconvenient spot right in front of the sink.  Despite having to contort my body around her and tripping a couple times over her while preparing food for the event, I enjoyed having her there.  Every moment I looked at her adorable face, I smiled.  Everytime she tried to stick her head in the trash bag or dishwasher, I smiled.  Everytime she leaned in against my leg while I was standing still, I smiled.  Every moment with her affects my mood.  This is what dogs do for us…they make every moment interesting and enjoyable.

As I sit here now recording tonight’s events, BOLO rests at my feet.  HenryHenry is in another room, fast asleep and oblivious to everything that went on here tonight. That’s the difference between my two dogs.  However, in a season of gift giving,  I am grateful for their simple gifts of unconditional love, constant companionship, and the ability to instantly bring a smile to my face.

If all goes as planned, we will make it through the Dog is Good holiday party without BOLO destroying presents, decor, or scarfing down any of the prepared meal.