So we took Beyonce’s** advice and partner, partner we’ve upgraded:

dogisgood homepage

Ok so I have to admit – as a web + graphic designer it should be pretty easy for me to make my OWN web sites and designs top-notch, right?  Well typically this is true… I relaunched my pet photography web site a month ago – but I  was still all tangled up and frustrated with the code for our Dog is Good site.  This shopping cart, dynamic database-driven stuff is NOT my favorite thing in the world.

But, never the less, I’ve whooped it now (hold your applause) and we have a very pretty new version of to share with you… Complete with slide show of that includes awesome dog photos, a list of our store locations , size charts and a whole new catalog of great photography of all of our products (including some very exciting NEW PRODUCTS)

Visit, love, buy!! Shop now and use coupon code: NEWSITE09 to save 15%

** P.S. I just saw Beyonce in concert here in Seattle, so you will have to forgive the shameless reference. She’s an amazing performer by the way, and possibly the most beautiful woman alive.**