You love your dog so much you just have to celebrate with a doggy birthday party!  Your friends at Dog is Good celebrate all the dog moms and dog dads who want to spoil their fur kids with a PAWesome party.  We have some fun and festive ways to mark the special occasion for dogs and dog lovers!

Favorite Doggy Store

dog birthday pet store

Load up in the car and take your dog to the pet store.  Let them peruse the toy section, feeding bowls or even the memory foam beds.  Now is not the time to rush.  Giving your dog free reign to walk you down each aisle until they find “the one.” Picking out their own present will make it so much more fun.


dog birthday

Does your dog have a bestie?  Do they do the happy dance at the window when they see their favorite friend outside?  Invite a canine or human friend over to celebrate.  Let them have a fun game of chase or do the zoomies in the backyard.  Definitely remove the party hats before the running of dogs begin!

Splish Splash

dog swim party

Does your dog love everything about water except baths?  Do you have a pool, lake or ocean nearby that is dog-friendly?  What better way  to mark the occasion then to have an afternoon with 10 wet dogs?  If you are land-locked, a kiddy pool in the backyard is also an easy and inexpensive way to have water play.  They even have doggy splash pads with sprinklers that bring hours of fun and entertainment for the birthday baby!

Let Them Eat Cake

dog birthday

What better way to celebrate your dog’s birthday than baking them a homemade cake? Here are some favorite and safe doggy birthday cake recipes:

Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

Spoiled Dog Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Dog Cake

No Bake Dog Cake

Grain Free Birthday Dog Cake