With everything going on in my life, I sometimes have difficulty finding time to relax; this is no surprise to those who know me or travel with me. Our trade show season has begun, my daughter’s show choir is in full swing for competition season (which means volunteer time), work requirements continue to build and outside of the business, I remain steadfast in my commitment to personal and professional development. It is a bit chaotic at times and it’s moments like these when I have trouble finding time to just take a step back, and breathe.
This is when I find the most comfort in my dogs.

bolo sleeping_2As I type this, Bolo is in her usual spot sleeping at my feet. The steadiness of her breath brings peacefulness and a feeling of warmth. Despite my endless list of things to do, just watching Bolo dream makes me calm. Many people go for a run to clear their head or take a yoga class; and while those are both activities that I enjoy doing regularly, I’ve come to realize that Dog is my zen. It is my time spent with them, playing with them, and observing them that I am the most peaceful. Though it’s difficult to explain, there is something about dogs that profoundly effect my soul. Watching them play with each other, relax with a chew toy, sleep soundly, or explore their surroundings on our walks provide me “ah ha” moments. ©Dog is GoodMorning and evening walks are always the highlight of my day. As I let everything else fade away into the background, I am able to focus solely on the dogs, the sunrise or sunset, or the fresh air that surrounds me. There is no stress, there are no distractions, and I am given time to reflect on my life and my goals.
In our busy world it may seem almost impossible to fit in time for introspective thought.  Taking care of Bolo and Henry’s needs  provides me with that very important opportunity to be with myself in my own thoughts. In the past several months this mindful approach to “just be in the moment” has helped me gain greater clarity and  focus for the personal and business goals I have established.bolo sleeping

After Bolo and Henry have had a great day and it’s their time to rest, the energy level in the house is brought down.  As quickly as they can “ramp up” they can also “ramp down”.  The dogs can go full steam and then turn things “off”. Most people, myself included, continue to multitask until the very last minute before bedtime. As I observe Bolo and Henry sleeping , I know they are note worrying about what happened three hours earlier or stressing over what may happen tomorrow.bolo henry on couch

It is a simple lesson- why waste any energy on anything else but what is occurring in the moment? It brings a smile to my face knowing that life really is this simple. Dog truly is my zen.