The best therapist has fur and four legs.  Truer words have never been spoken!  Your dog is your best therapist. Yes we know service dogs are also therapy dogs.  But for the regular HOOMAN and their dog, the bond makes you and your dog family.


dog therapy

Studies show that dogs can improve a person’s overall health.  In addition to easing loneliness, a dog will also encourage a healthier lifestyle.  Your dog is not going to walk itself!  Dog lovers tend to have lower blood pressure and less likely to develop heart diseases.  So in addition to your dog being a natural mood elevator, they are also your personal trainer!

Unconditional Love

dog therapy

A dog is the first one to line up to give unconditional love, companionship and emotional support.  Did you know that even small interactions with dogs trigger the human brain to produce oxytocin? This hormone is referred to as the “cuddle chemical.”  Oxytocin increases the good feelings of relaxation and trust, while simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety.

Dog Co-Dependent

dog co dependent

Where I go, Dog follows.
Where I stop, Dog settles.
When I am lost, Dog finds me.
When I am joyful, Dog joins me.
Who I am, Dog knows.
What I need, Dog becomes.
Dog is Great. Dog is Good. Dog is Everything.

If you are dog co-dependent, consider yourself lucky.  You have a built in therapist who doesn’t charge by the hour and you never need to make an appointment. Dogs are amazing at sensing your mood and being empathetic.  If you need an afternoon of couch + tv time, your dog will be the first one to initiate the cuddles.  If you are sad, your dog is the first one to come lay their head in your lap, give you a paw and lick your face.

Never Alone

dog therapy

In addition to be your full time therapist, your dog is your constant companion.  Whether you are hiking, camping, walking or just existing, you are never alone when you have a dog.

The DOGtor Is In

Dogs Is Your Therapist

Just the mere presence of a dog can deeply impact staff, students and a patients well-being. Dogs have an innate knack to give love and therefore reduce stress and anxiety to those nearby.  Therapy dogs can dramatically help in the classroom as well as in a hospital.