Shelves of dog is good merchandiseI have been on the road since the 8th of January.  Unfortunately I could not travel with my dogs and, needless to say I miss them terribly!  Attending trade shows can be exhausting but I have found the easiest way to make new friends and break the ice with the many strangers who visit the Dog is Good booth during shows. All I need to ask is “Do you have a dog?”.  If the answer is “yes!” the ensuing moments are magical.  It is fascinating to watch their body language change instantaneously.  A huge smile appears and the serious, poker face demeanor fades away.  Because I love getting my “dog fix”, I ask if they have any photos they can share. You would not believe how quickly someone can whip out a cell phone, pulling up photos in record time.  Each person eagerly shares heartwarming stories about their beloved dogs, who they miss as much as I miss mine.  There is a noticeable shift that takes place the moment dogs enter a conversation.

I am blessed with the wonderful opportunity to meet numerous people during my travels.  When dog is a common denominator, instant connections form.  I love to listen to the stories of how their dogs became part of their  family and positively impacted their lives.  Some people will spend 20-30 minutes at my booth talking about their dogs.  I love it! It is especially funny once I reveal that I am a professional dog trainer.  The questions on how to handle problem behavior start pouring out at rapid speed.  If buyer traffic is slow, I welcome the opportunity to discuss dog behavior and assist them with possible solutions to implement when they return home.

Two dogs laying togetherRight now there is a lull in the number of people walking around the showroom.  Many of the owners of the companies represented in the showroom have headed for the airport to catch planes to take them on to the next show.  I split my time alone between catching up on work and sorting through the hundreds of photos of BOLO and Henry stored on my phone.  Yes… pathetic.  I involuntarily smile as I visualize those first moments inside my home – you dog lovers know exactly what I am talking about.

Dogs certainly pull people together.  After many conversations I have had with people over the past couple of weeks, I noted that people walked away from my booth much differently than they arrived.  Every worry, stress, or frustration has seemingly fallen by the wayside.  Dog is Good…seriously, oh so good for the heart, mind, body, and soul.