Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It is an opportunity to gather with family and friends and, for most people, a time to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.

Every day I make a mental note of gratitude for various things in my life. I am always grateful for the gift of raising a healthy, happy child and the unique joys and tribulations that come with navigating the teen-age years. I am thankful for a spouse who is kind, respectful, funny, and patient. I am touched on a regular basis by the friendships I have made in our wonderful community and find myself inspired daily by the incredible women who are a part of my life, and I am grateful for my family who cheers on all that I do.

While I am thankful on a daily basis for all these things I treasure, I thought I would turn my focus to my business and reflect upon all that I have to be thankful with Dog is Good.

I am fortunate to live in America, a country where anyone can have success. It is a gift to be able to act on an idea, nurture it through hard work and dedication, and watch it grow successfully. This is how I view Dog is Good- a true gift that has given me a chance to build a dream with my husband and for my family.

Since launching Dog is Good, I have been able to experience a lot of personal growth. The learning experiences in product development, sales, business management, vendor relations, and employee relations have been invaluable. I have had to learn how to juggle my time to meet the demands of being a mother, wife, business owner, friend ,and still keep up with my dog training too. With every challenge comes a new opportunity to grow and with every success, more motivation to take Dog is Good to a new level. I appreciate, and I am even thankful for, the countless hours of sweat equity and sacrifices that have to be made to fulfill our goals and dreams.

I am tremendously grateful for the fact that I have not had to embark on this journey alone. Believe it or not, it is actually an honor for me to work with my husband. We are quite different in some ways but identical in others. The chance to build something together, watch it thrive – even in a down economy, and work side by side without killing each other is something special that I have grown to value deeply.

Beyond Jon, there is the amazing staff. This business would not be where it is without the daily efforts of an incredibly committed group of individuals. Each and every person at Dog is Good arrives every day with an attitude that most companies would envy. They are positive and focused, add humor and fun to the daily operations, are customer focused and committed to excellence, and always go above and beyond the call of duty – every single day. I am humbled by their tremendous dedication to the Dog is Good mission. I am forever grateful for my D.I.G, family and their contributions, attitude, and commitment to helping Dog is Good grow.

Lastly, I am grateful to be able to bring my dogs to work with me. I am sure you can relate. There is just something so calming for me to be near my dogs all the time. I love to look at them, pet them, hug them, walk them, play with them…In my world, Dog is Great…Dog is Good…Dog is Everything.