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Thank you for your interest in Dog is Good!

An award-winning lifestyle brand for dog lovers,  we create original gifts, accessories, home decor, and apparel products for the people who love their dogs.  Dog is Good has been helping retailers capture the attention of their customers for the past 10 years!  We know a dog can change the way you see the world, and in a time when the average customer is distracted, one thing we know –  they always stop to talk about their dog. 

Our retail partners are an important part of the Dog is Good Pack and we look forward to learning more about your business and exploring a potential partnership!

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Watch our Brand Story:

Grow Wire | Dog is Good Feature

 In 2007, Jon and Gila Kurtz realized the pet and retail industries were lacking products that catered to humans. So, they set out to create apparel and accessories for the dog lover—a hobby that eventually turned into a company, Dog Is Good, and set out to encompass the pure joy we feel when our dog welcomes us home.   

Why become a DIG Retailer?

Originality, relevance and customer experience! Most of your customers are dog lovers and this is the best time ever for retailers to capture customers’ attention with clever and sentimental dog-themed items.  What we’ve learned in 10 years of business is that our original messaging and design resonate immediately with the dog lover, leading to compelling sales. Here are just a few reasons why our retailers love the Dog is Good wholesale program:

  • Customized Programs

  • Outstanding Customer Support

  • Sales and Marketing Strategies for Product Launch

  • Clever and original designs across a variety of product categories

  • Branded Displays

  • Licensed by over 30 companies

We're Not Just a Brand... We're a Community!

What our customers are saying:

“We have had good experience working with Dog Is Good; they are quick to respond when we have questions, or something doesn’t go perfectly (which is rare), and they are easy to work with.”

Terry Holland

“You guys are an incredible team and we love working with you and carrying your brand. We look forward to seeing your business grow and can’t wait for the next dog joke! Keep up the great work.”

Stephanie Vasilius
Taj Mutt Hal

“So many people have, or have had, a family pet… a pet that they love as a friend, or as part of the family. A product that focuses on this love really resonates with our customer, causing them to have a personal attachment to the product, and hopefully our store.”

Devon Burnley
Good Vibes

“You guys are an incredible team and we love working with you and carrying your brand. We look forward to seeing your business grow and can’t wait for the next dog joke! Keep up the great work.”

Jody Hetchka
Kayak Amelia

Frequently Asked Questions

To register, go to https://www.dogisgood.com/selldig/ . There you will find information, policies and a wholesale registration form to complete and send to the DIG team. We will set up access to your wholesale account on www.dogisgoodwholesale.com where you will be able to place your wholesale order directly online.

After you have registered, the DIG team will reach out to you with an email/call to provide you with your website log-in/password and to help you prepare your initial opening order.

Initial Stock Order is $300 minimum if apparel is included, otherwise $100 minimum. Subsequent Orders are minimum $100 or a $10 service fee will be added.

Payments are normally made by credit card when orders are shipped, or by Company check prior to shipment. Any requests for terms will be submitted through our affiliate at https://app.apruve.com/apply/dog-is-good

Our retailers have found great success in grouping the Dog is Good brand by collections and by message, and by featuring product which is relevant to the season and to the local community.  We also recommend creating a Dog is Good “store within a store” to quickly grab the attention of the dog lover and engage them with messaging and product that speaks to them immediately. We have several options to help you merchandise our brand for ease of shopping, re-stocking and refreshing on a regular basis. Our DIG team can help with options and specials to fit your store.

No, we do not allow any 3rd marketplace selling of our products, however, if you have your own proprietary website you may sell the Dog is Good brand on your own site.

Please reach out to our sales team at [email protected]  or call us (562) 735-0219

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When you submit the registration form you will be registered in our accounting system as a wholesale buyer. We will contact you with login credentials for our wholesale ordering site (this is not an automated response to your submission - we will contact you separately).

PLEASE - do not register if you intend to sell on Amazon.com

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For questions or more information, please email [email protected]