Dog is Good TshirtYou know the best thing about making tee-shirts for dog lovers? Having the opportunity to meet so many dogs!!!

We just got back from the Palm Springs Kennel Club show in Indio, CA at an incredibly scenic Polo club – and let me tell you – it could not have been more gorgeous.  The weather was right around 75 – the grass was green, the sky was blue, the palm trees were tall and the dogs were plentiful!

We saw Borzois and Beagles, Boxers and Bassets, Bloodhounds, Bedlingtons, Bulldogs and Bostons – Papillons and Pugs, Dobies and Dachshunds, Frenchies and Foxies, Iggys and Ibizans – and entire alphabet of perfectly primped hounds, terriers, toys and giants. It was quite a weekend.

Here are a couple shots from our weekend. We definitely got some great Dogvergnugen! You’ll have to excuse the quality… a certain professional pet photographer actually didn’t bring her real camera to the event (yes me *sigh*) so what we’re left with is cell-phone photos. You can bet I kicking myself the whole time thinking, “why didn’t I bring my CAMERA!?”  Now I know.

Anyhow, enjoy!  We’ll see ya next year Palm Desert!


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