Dog is Good (a.k.a. DIG), a Los Alamitos, CA-based apparel and gift business specializing in dog-themed wares, named Gayle Chait their first Employee of the Month. Operated by its three founder-owners, DIG has just the one employee. According to owner Gila Kurtz, “Gayle epitomizes what we value in our employees at DIG. She is resourceful, helpful, and organized. It was only natural that she win the award.”

Co-owner J. Nichole Smith agreed. “Recognition in the workplace is important and she was definitely our ‘Best in Show.’ This is no small deal.” Jon Kurtz, also a co-owner, was complimentary of Chait, but indicated “when we hire another employee, we’ll see if she can maintain her current pace. It was unanimous this time but there’s no guarantees. And considering that we may be able to present more than a cupcake and a certificate laser-printed on 20lb copier paper, this will be a coveted award.”

Employee of the month, Gayle Chait, had this to say: “I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted, or maybe both. I mean, I guess they could’ve just not awarded the thing at all. Honestly, though, when I first got here it was like the Three Stooges, everybody running around and everything. I pretty much got things under control. That part’s off the record, right?”

Gila Kurtz, indicated she had a larger perspective on employee management as she waxed philosophic: “employee morale is very important. We ultimately want to be considered the employer-of-choice in the dog-themed human gift and apparel industry in west Orange County, CA.”