tricia romero with a great pic of her catBusiness has been accelerating here at Dog is Good and the growing demand for art (designs and marketing collateral of all types) created a need for us to bring on more artists and designers.

Though we had already been working with a number of talented artists who have contributed to our product, we decided to advertise for an in-house position. As you might imagine, there were many well-qualified applicants. Nichole narrowed down the field, conducted a few preliminary interviews and recommended one particular stand-out, Tricia Romero. Nichole definitely hit the mark and, after a short conversation with Tricia, we needed no arm twisting to quickly bring her on-board. We are happy to introduce Tricia as our Creative Director.

With Tricia now part of the team we get to place a check in the diversity block – you see, Tricia is a devoted Cat Mom. But it was only a couple weeks before Tricia admitted that, while the first thing she looks for at home is her cat- Ferris, she now looks forward to “gettin’ her dog on” at work.
Tricia is incredibly talented, imaginative and productive – generating all kinds of great work at our generally frenetic pace. Her creative ideas, dedication, and “get it done attitude” have have helped fuel additional growth. Tricia’s fast quips, funny ideas, and use of language have also resulted in her earning the esteemed moniker, “word nerd”.

In addition to keeping up with the daily demands of art requirements for licensees, marketing collateral, and web and social media posts and concepts, Tricia also manages the contracted artists who create designs for us. Needless to say, she has a full plate. Stay tuned for some pretty exciting developments in the Cat is Good line (and for the record, she is not the only cat lover at D.I.G. headquarters).

Tricia Romero creative director for Dog is GoodTricia grew up with both dogs and cats. Her first puppy was a terrier mix she named Chula . Like dogs, cats provide wonderful companionship. Tricia’s fondness for felines led her to Ferris, a beautiful and loving cat. Tricia adores Ferris. His constant presence provides a “special something” that keeps a room from feeling empty. The hardest part about being a Cat Mom though is accepting that, along with the comic relief that Ferris provides, he also tends to present gifts in the form of birds or lizards.

Due to a very busy schedule, Ferris was unable to appear for his photo shoot with Tricia last week.

Five things you dont know about Tricia:
1. She was born in Corpus Christi, TX and lived there for a whopping 7 months. While she is technically a Long Horn, she considers herself to be a true California girl.
2. She has a magazine problem. Newsstands are like a tractor-beam pulling her in. She loves the paper and the ink and tearing things out-mostly design, style, fashion, cooking and home décor. But she also confesses that admitting her “problem” is the first step…right?
3. Everyone who knows her knows she loves to cook BUT most people don’t know that she HATES to bake. She feels baking is too precise and loves that she can “free-style” with cooking. (sounds like a designer at work here)
4. Most people pair her cat’s name, Ferris, with ‘Bueller’. But in fact, Ferris got his name from the ska band ‘Save Ferris’
5. She’s a SLURPEE girl-NO ICEE, its gotta be a SLURPEE and, on errand days, makes sure to find a 7-11. The special touch- layering coke-cherry-coke-cherry-coke and a final dollop of cherry on top and Tricia is quick to point out, “A brain-freeze is for amateurs”.