dog-in-suitcaseMost travelers spend a lot of time figuring what hotels allow pets in the U.S.based on the hotel chain. Remember, that just because a Hyatt or Hilton claim to be a pet friendly hotel chain does not necessarily mean that all their hotels allow pets. Then many of you also have to figure which of those allow cats as well as dogs. Each hotel is different. Keep that in mind when traveling.

You will find that many hotels allow pets, but to what degree they actually welcome pets varies. Typically two-star hotels simply provide for a place for your pet to lay his head. The real pet perks and amenities come with the three-star hotels. Many of these provide at the minimum a bowl and mat. We suggest bringing along a portable water bowl, especially if you plan to do any driving. Here is a good article on travel tips if this is your first outing, and even if you are a seasoned pro.

In figuring what hotels that allow pets in the U.S., know that there are nearly three times as many four-star hotels that are pet friendly than any other rating group. These typically include the Marriottt, Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Kimpton Hotels to name a few. This is the star rated group that tends to welcome your pets with open paws such as specially made treats by the chef, a monogrammed doggie bed, pet-sitting services and more. Still, some of these tend to go all out, where other don’t. For example, the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza is a favorite among travelers to Los Angeles. Why? Because this hotel honestly rolls out the red carpet for its pet guests. Here, you can expect the hotel’s chef not to just cook up treats, but actually consider what ingredients are best for your pet. There are no weight restrictions and the Hyatt Gold Pawsport Frequent Pet Stay Program makes sure your pet gets treated with the upmost kindess. You will receive a welcome kit, that includes a Hyatt Gold Pawsport with your dog’s name, owner information, pet’s birthday, and Hyatt Gold Passport number and Pawsport stamp boxes to track visits. Additionally, your pet will enjoy a plush bed, double diner serving bowl and upon arrival, homemade alll-natural treats. Last but not least, the hotel has a haute dog menu.

Where are the Rooms in Most Pet Friendly Hotels?

So now that we have an idea of what hotels allow pets, in what rooms do pet traveler stay? Again, it depends on the hotel. Some hotels allow pets only on the lower level mainly for easy access to the outside grass areas. Some open their entire hotel to furry guests. Each hotel is different and, as you may have experienced when traveling by yourself, is dependent upon what is available when you arrive.

What To Look For

When searching for a pet friendly hotel, you want to make sure it has the necessities:

  • A nearby grassy area
  • Neighborhood dog parks or pet friendly parks
  • Pet friendly restaurants nearby. Expect any pet friendly restaurants to have patio seatings as nearly all states do not allow pets in indoor eating establishments.
  • Water bowls if you didn’t bring yours
  • A pet store or place where you can buy food should you run out or if it isn’t provided by the hotel.
  • It’s also nice to know where the local veterinarian is just in case.

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