After 2 years of leading the warehouse and fulfillment team through a lot of growth and a doubling of sales, 28 year-old Warehouse Manager Josh Boatright is moving on. With the elevated costs of college and starting to raise a family in sunny So Cal, the state of Utah came calling with cheap tuition and lower living costs, so Josh pulled the plug on his lifetime of California residency. Along with his newborn daughter and wife of 4 years, Kristin, he’s running for the mountains.

Josh“The company owes Josh a debt of gratitude for his selfless devotion, high standards, friendly demeanor and intense work ethic,” commented co-owner Gila Kurtz.  In addition to working full time, Josh also managed to attend college on a nearly full time basis (limited only by course availability, not personal preference). “He was always there when we needed him and he even worked retail events on weekends,” she added.

Boatright has worked hard his whole life and has a varied background with many jobs in multiple industries.  But Josh always held DIG in highest esteem. “One time I overheard him say that this job sucks less than any other job he ever had,” remarked CEO Jon Kurtz, “and that’s a huge compliment. In millennial-speak that means best job E-V-E-R!”

The DIG crew welcomes Josh’s replacement, Michael Peikert, who has a lot of relevant experience. With changes in leadership positions come changes to the work environment, processes and priorities. But Peikert’s first priority is to change Josh’s settings in Pandora.