A True Hero Dog

Daniel 3Sitting around a table in our home, we came up with the moniker B.O.L.O. to introduce the Dog is Good logo to the world.  His purpose and mission was to Be On the LookOut for dogs and people doing great things.  Since BOLO’s arrival, he has uncovered stories of heroic dogs and everyday heroes. Today, I want to introduce you to Daniel the Beagle.

Like a page ripped out of history, the unthinkable still happens.  The date was October 3rd, 2011 when a sweet Beagle unknowingly walked alongside 17 other stray dogs into a chamber destined for death.  The chamber, located in Florence Alabama was then filled with carbon monoxide- their method of choice for “taking care of” the dogs in their shelter.  When the door finally reopened, a 20 pound, bundle of fur walked out, tail wagging.  A Beagle named Daniel was the sole survivor.

Daniel 2Following his rescue by The 11th Hour, an organization dedicated to saving dogs from death row in high kill shelters, Daniel was  adopted into a loving family comprised of  four wonderful human beings and 4 amazing dogs (also rescues) who welcomed him into his new home with compassion, love, and patience.  His journey would become the catalyst to his dream, Daniel’s Dream, and he looked to his family to be the voice to tell his story.  Daniel’s horrifying experience created an opportunity to enact impactful legislation, spread a positive message, and help shelter dogs find their forever homes.

Each year, millions of dogs and cats face death in gas chambers, and rarely has an animal survived.  Motivated by Daniel’s experience, the Dwyer family was intent on getting rid of this cruel and inhumane practice.  Daniel’s Law was designed  to educate people on the use of gas chambers and to have them banned completely in every state. The law was passed in Pennsylvania and, as Daniel continues to be the face of anti-gassing legislation, the goal is to have the law passed nationwide.

Daniel’s Dream progressed to promote a positive and healthy message to school age students across the country. Together with his dad, Joe Dwyer, they deliver a program called  “Knock out Toxins”. The focus is on helping today’s youth stay away from drugs and alcohol while fostering awareness around the emotional pitfalls of bullying.  Daniel is always a welcomed guest who makes the students feel at ease.  In fact, it is his joyful disposition, everyone, “attitude is critically important when faced with adversity”.

Daniel 4Committed to his canine comrades, Daniel’s Dream also strives to save every loving canine and find them a forever home with a caring family.  Daniel’s crusade to save dogs and drastically limit the numbers who end up in shelters has evolved into a vision to create a compassionate society.  Joe and Daniel offer powerful and inspirational presentations to educate teenagers and young adults on the importance of compassion, the need for kindness towards animals, and the positive benefits a rescue dog can have on human life.  In addition to all their public appearances and role as advocates for shelters dogs, they also serve as President for the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement.  Too many shelter dogs are euthanized, bullying in society results in loss of respect and self worth, and homeless people and dogs experience a loss of dignity and love.  Together, they serve to help direct activities to help others with these issues and to  overcome loss.

Daniel is a Hero is every sense of the word.  Recognized in 2012 as a category winner in the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards, Daniel continues to inspire and touch the hearts of everyone he meets.  

To further their efforts and build community support, Daniel’s Dream will be hosting an inaugural fundraising event on Friday, November 13th.  Don’t let the date deceive you…this will be an incredibly lucky day for everyone- dogs and humans alike.  
After all, “dreams really can come true”-Walt Disney.

Daniel 1