I rescued my sweet Daisy Mae from a bad area in July 2015. It took 45 minutes to get a leash around her neck. She was terrified. The look in her eyes was something I’ll never forget. But nevertheless, I got her into my car. She shook uncontrollably. I got her home and set her up in the garage. It took a month to get her acclimated to our surroundings and slowly introduced her to our other dogs. Now it’s like she’s been with us her whole life. I was meant to go get this dog. She saved me more than I saved her. She’s blessed my life in ways I can’t describe. She’s truly a heaven sent angel! It took a long time to see this baby smile and now she’s all smiles, as you can see in my photo. She shows me daily how grateful she is that she was rescued. I love all my dogs but there’s something about my sweet Daisy Mae!