Several months ago we crossed paths with DogTV. We were fascinated and thought- “Seriously, an entire TV channel devoted to programming for the dog? Will the dog watch it? How will the dog benefit?” We were blown away to learn the science behind its development and the range of programming- which really does have an amazing effect on the dog. It may seem a little crazy for your dogs to watch TV, and you may be wondering if they actually will watch it, but they do and it works!

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.09.48 AMDOGTV was originally inspired by a cat. Ron Levi, the company founder, felt guilty about leaving his cat home alone. He quickly realized dogs had more urgent needs when left home alone and, “voila” , DOGTV was born. DOGTV’s 24/7 programming stimulates, entertains, and relaxes dogs with shows from a dog’s point of view. Movements, sounds, objects, experiences, and behavior patterns are geared to their senses of vision and hearing, and support their natural behavior patterns. The result is a reduction in stress, separation anxiety and other related problems (think chewed furniture).

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Now, those sad puppy dog eyes you see when you walk out the door no longer need to create guilt. “Leave a Little Love On”- you will be amazed at the difference this balanced programming has for your dog.

With the pet industry advancing at a rapid pace we truly love to see products that enhance quality of life for our canine companions. We’re pretty excited about DOGTV and especially the fact that you can try it free for a month without obligation. Plus, if you sign up there are nice freebies.


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