Tribute To Our Friends

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Here at DIG we always say “A Dog can change the way you see the world.” They positively influence us in many ways and remain a part of our being forever. This part of the website is dedicated to our best friends and is a place for you to write a fitting tribute to the dogs who have influenced you and since passed on.


This sweet, loyal, funny (I could go on and on) companion, bed warmer, sacred confidant passed away 1 1/2 years ago and took a chunk of my heart with him. Gus cannot be replicated, he


How did a 5 pound poodle make such a ginormous impact on our lives? For nearly 13 years little Libby (aka Woo) warmed our laps in the winter and laid in the sun like a


In June, our family lost the most incredible, loving, funny Cavalier spaniel you have ever met.  He got his name because of his adorable markings and we had always told our youngest daughter her freckles

A Tribute to Raisin by Katy Cable

RESCUED BY A RESCUE DOG ​“Let’s get her a dog!” I will never forget hearing those dreaded words come out of my husband’s mouth. The betrayal I felt! I figured my obsessively immaculate home, my