So you want to own a dog. First things first, ask yourself, do you have the time, space and money to take care of a dog? If you do, what you need to consider next is what type of dog is right for you. Three areas you need to look at when choosing a dog includes their size, coat and level of activity. Here are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you narrow down to help you choose the right dog:

  • Can your house or apartment accommodate a big dog that will eat a lot and need to be trained or is a small pup better suited for you?
  • Do you want to brush your long-haired dog’s coat regularly?
  • Are you okay with a breed that requires professional grooming?
  • Does the idea of a short-haired dog sound more appealing?
  • Are you willing to do regular ear or skin cleanings for breeds that are more prone to these infections?
  • Would a high energy dog match your activity level or would you prefer a sedentary doggy buddy?


Choosing the right dog can remarkably change your life so it’s important to do the proper research beforehand. The Pet Health Network further delves into this topic in their article, “Choosing the Right Dog” by helping novice dog owners understand what specific breeds of dogs fall under the questions listed above.